Sunday, March 19, 2017

Blog Hop: What makes you, you?

First time doing a blog hop of my very own!

This is in tribute to all of the quirks and shenanigans that bloggers are famous for and gives everyone a shot to really document what defines their unique flavor of horse crazy.

What makes someone at the barn (or your trainer) think of you immediately?

For me?  People immediately think of me when they see three things:

1.  Blingy browbands

Part of my collection

Yeah, I have a calling card, and it's having blinged out browbands that I change to match my horse's outfit.  I'm not ashamed.  He feels very pretty with his tiaras.

2.  Treats

The usual staples found in my locker

Everyone knows I always have a treat available if they need it.  I usually have several kinds of treats stashed in my locker with a policy that they're free for the grabbing for my fellow boarders or anyone that rides Theo.  You must pay the pony his dues.

3.  Intentionally doing things that make the trainer say 'get out of my ring'

Yeah, I did that.  All of that.  And the hearts saddle pad.  Every time someone sees something that's just outrageously over the top, I get a message on FB with a link and the expectation that poor Trainer A will be subjected to it in the near future.

So blogosphere, what makes you, you?  Post a link in the comments and I'll add you to the list of fame!


  1. omg haha i don't think i'm quite to your level here, but that's basically how all the h/jers at my barn see me too. but damn i think i need that LED browband lol!!

  2. Yeah I'm the browband/outfits girl at my barn. Hahaha. It makes me happy so I just embrace it.

  3. Ha. This is a good one. I might have to hop on this one.

  4. I don't even know what makes me me but damn that LED browband lol

  5. Tape, email, & prizes. Apparently.