Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cure for what ails you

Adulting is terrible and I want no more of it.

But I got to see my pony!  That makes so many things better.

I don't know if it really counts as a training update, but we've gone back to doing very long and low to build up the base of his neck.  The muscles he needs to lift up for the canter-walk-canter transitions need a bit more work and we're spending about fifteen minutes each ride encouraging him to trot and canter around with his nose around his knees and his back in a nice bow.  He's not really a fan, it's hard work!  It's so much easier to fling his head up and use that to get his shoulders up.  But we're getting results.

It's been far too long since I posted a shot of his progress.


Just look at that neck.  It's going the right way!

Overall I think he looks great, especially for coming out of the dead of winter.  It should be all downhill from here with warmer weather making it easier to go for conditioning rides and giving him all of the work and variety he needs.

But goodness me does he look like a dressage horse.  He didn't really ride like one today, he was kind of pissy about our latest cold snap.  Not that I blame him, I'm kind of pissy about the whole thing myself.  I shouldn't have to get his heavy out at the end of March.

But the first show of the season is in sight, less than a month away.  I better start practicing those First level tests.  Here's to hoping he still knows how to do a lead change through the trot.


  1. He's looking good! And I concur, adulting isn't really all that fun sometimes, hah