Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cross over

I take back what I said about equestrian fashion never being acceptable for life outside the barn.  I'm prepping for a video interview and needed a coat.  What did I grab?

Yes, that is my spiffy new RJ Classics dressage frock.  For a video interview where they won't even see my jeans, it's perfect.  It's stretchy, it's comfy, it's a conservative color.  It's way more comfy than my actual blazers.  So yes, I am interviewing with a big company for a senior manager role wearing my dressage coat.

Equestrian chic.  I'm doing it right.  I hope.  Now lets work on my voice holding out for the full 45 minutes and the blizzard not disrupting my connection at a crucial moment.

Adulting sucks.  I want to go pony.