Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A good day

So my day started out with the best news I could hope for.  I got a job offer!  The job has an almost identical package of salary and benefits to the job I currently have but is better in one, very crucial way.  The office is just under 20 minutes away from my barn.  I pass right by the barn on the commute, so while my commute total is 40 minutes, the barn is right smack dab in the middle of that.  So I'm only adding 40 minutes in the car total to my average day.  I can work with that!

It's also work from home one day a week or as needed for weather or real life.  Unlimited vacation time so I don't have to cancel my show plans because I won't have enough vacation time earned.  And the manager is really nice.  It's a small office of 20 people, so the complete opposite of my huge Fortune 30 job.  It's still tentative, the background check needs to be completed, but the offer has been accepted.  Yay!  Now I just sit around and wait for the last of the uncertainty to end.

After accepting the offer, I zipped out to the barn for my first jumping lesson in a couple of weeks.  The adulting and job hunting has been very disruptive of my afternoon lesson, but today I was free!  Trainer A decided we needed to do some course work since the show season starts in two weeks.  I won't be doing any jumping until May, but I'm the odd ball.  The rest of the crew will be jumping from the start of the season and need to get ready.

Theo's so ridiculously steady to fences now.  Trainer A said she could shut her eyes and just follow us around the course.  She bumped them up to 2'6" and he barely noticed.  We've started to figure out how to have him use himself to a fence consistently which means he doesn't get near them.  He even saved my bacon when we got to a perfect half stride and I froze.  When I didn't pick and grabbed his grab strap, he made the call for me and got me through the one stride with barely a rattle.

I love my new grab strap.  It's a barrel racing rein I picked up at Tractor Supply for $16. 

I'm also a terrible mom.

So today was just about perfect.  Looks like I get a job that lets me keep my equestrian life style and my horse jumped four courses where the only error we had was one rattled rail because he braced his neck.  It really doesn't get much better than that.


  1. Congratulations on the job offer!

  2. How exciting! I hope the job works out quickly and smoothly for you - it sounds perfect!

  3. Congratulations! That must be a relief.

  4. Congrats on the adulting front!! And I love that grab strap, haha.

  5. WOOO congrats!! Also i love your grab strap