Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Gotcha day

I mentioned on FB that  I bought Theo one year ago today and a friend replied that it was his Gotcha Day!  For most horses, I'd have to say nope, anniversary of purchase is a better name.  But for the horse that I had to work months to acquire, Gotcha Day seems very appropriate.

Believe it or not, Theo's been legally stuck with me for a whole year now.  It seems to be agreeing with him.  He's fat and sassy and enjoying life.  He gave me a very good ride yesterday, working on our big trot that we'll need to go out and do First level this summer and potentially do Second at a schooling show (Trainer A is on board with that timeline!).  He's so darn sassy these days, giving me a head shake and a little buck while cantering.  Trainer A didn't care, she was far more occupied with the fact his stifles were actually working.  Did you know stifles can bend and become engaged?  I was shocked!

Today I lent him to a different adult rider that hasn't jumped in a long time and was very nervous.  He jumped that crossrail ten times and every one was identical.  All she had to do was grab mane and hang on, Theo managed the rest.  He's so perfect for that first jumping lesson.  Even when the rider was having second thoughts, once Theo was locked on, he was going over. 

I sat on a school horse that had just given me a very hard time about cantering and watched with a big dumb grin as mi papi showed someone that jumping isn't a big deal.  Point, squeeze, hang on.  He was crabby about me riding another horse, I'll have some making up to do tomorrow, but he was a saint for the nervous rider.  He didn't take advantage of her at all and I was very proud of him.  Trainer A is right, he's definitely a one person horse, but he's willing to help others in limited doses. 

Tomorrow will be a no bridle/no saddle kind of a day to make up for three dressage rides in a row, followed by a lesson with someone else.  He'll need to flop and chill.  Then it's our last bomb proofing clinic this weekend. 

I've made a lot of decisions in my life that I regret.  Theo is not one of them.