Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Plans? Who needs plans?

Alas, our trip to Aiken has been called off. It's just too close to departure and with my job deciding to turn up the heat, I can't handle a scramble. More specifically, my ulcer can't handle a scramble. I'm sure if I really threw my heart into it I could find a way to get down there, but with work sapping my strength, I just don't have it in me to scramble like I will need to.

With that cross country schooling called off, I'm not setting high expectations for 2011. We have a jump-critique-jump on Sunday, and at my instructor's recommendation, we'll be going at Beginner Novice height. It will be a major factor in my decision as to whether or not we should try to enter Mystic this year. I love the event, but at the same time, the princess has never tried water. I don't want to over face her. There's a schooling two phase in April that I will definitely go to, and a schooling three phase in mid-May that I will be at, but the Mystic event is at the end of May. I have to send in my entry well ahead of knowing whether or not the princess can handle Beginner Novice cross country.

Maybe Mystic is not a good goal. Maybe another event can be her debut. Right now she's so ring sour that she doesn't even want to go in. Assuming the weather holds, we have a date to go trail riding with her boyfriend this weekend. The snow has finally melted enough that we can dare to go out. She's been a bit of a wench lately, and tonight she was just flat out unhappy. I swapped to my jumping tack which made her happier (which means the dressage saddle I have won't be going near her again), but she was definitely unhappy bending left. Last night she was fine, so I suspect she's sore from working so hard last night. She had a lot of energy yesterday so I was certainly putting her through her paces.

I have a new dressage saddle picked out, assuming it will work for her. Black Forest Saddlery has a treeless dressage saddle and I really want to try it. If the princess is happy, everyone is happy, and with the way she works in a bareback pad I have to think she would like going treeless for her flat work. Not for cross country or stadium, I need a tree for those, but dressage would be nice in a soft saddle that didn't need to be refitted. I had my dressage saddle fitted in December and in March it needs to be replaced, so I'm not fond of the idea of trees right now. Expensive little things.

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