Thursday, March 17, 2011

Min Pin Update

Not exactly horse related, but close enough. I find most horse people are also dog people.

Cowboy has settled into life as a special needs only child. He's able to motor around the apartment just fine on his own and even pulls when he's outside for his walks. He doesn't want to come in. We have him in a very styling harness that is cotton mesh and leather so he can lean on it comfortably when he's having a bad day. No linoleum or other slippery surfaces allowed, so he has to be carried during his trips to the pet store. He's just not strong/coordinated enough to keep all four feet under him when they're trying to get away.

It's not a bad routine. Long walk in the morning, shorter walks in the afternoon and at night, fancy organic food twice a day with his thyroid meds and his Metacam. He spends most of his day sleeping or looking out the window in my office. I have three bird feeding stations out there, so there's usually something good on the 'tv' for him. He has some stairs so he can get off of the futon on his own and go retrieve whatever toy he wants for the moment. Now I just need to teach him to put them away.

He's picked up some needy and anxious behaviors and we think it's because this is the first time in his life that he's been an only dog. Sure, I work from home a good bit, but I'm still typing instead of actively cuddling or playing with him. Husband and I have started going through the rescue sites, looking for a buddy for him. Someone older, preferably a girl that can share his retirement with him. He misses having someone to snuggle with on the futon while I'm working at my desk.

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