Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Return of the data

I finally remembered to charge my Equisense and get it back to work.  For awhile I didn't want to use it because I knew my symmetry was going to be bad and I knew my elevation was terrible with the hard footing.  Today I turned it on for my jumping lesson with Trainer D.

The jumping count is off because it didn't count the cross rail we had set up.  Apparently Theo didn't put enough effort into it for it to count.  And since we were only doing patterns for four or so jumps, with one not counting, Equisense didn't really realize we were jumping courses.  Oh well, not my focus with this tool.

What is up with our regularity though?  Canter makes some sense, we're still settling into our new jumping canter so things waver as he slows in the corners.  The trot was more of a surprise, but kind of the same story.  Go forward go forward go forward is apparently not good for our regularity scores since it's something we fade on and then get reminded.  Ugh.

Symmetry is holding steady in the green so that's lovely.  I made him canter his booty off with 22% of our hour long ride at the canter.  That's a big change from before.  We cantered for thirteen minutes total and it wasn't little canters.  Trainer D was all about the forward.  Pony was tired by the end.

The real surprise was the change in the elevation score.  We were averaging 15 cm or lower for the previous 20 sessions, all of a sudden we popped up to 18 cm.  During our ride we were as high as 19 cm which is average for the Equisense user population.

Looking at our trend of 20 sessions, that's a very big jump.  Our trot elevation looked good, too, though not as dramatic a change.  I was in a pelham today due to my shoulder bothering me.  I'm curious what this will look like when I swap back to my snaffle.  Probably about the same, Theo isn't overly fussed by his pelham.

It's been way too long since I used this tool.  It's really quite helpful when I'm trying to track our progress.  It also gives me confidence that we're on a good path.  I'll be very interested to see what our averages look like in a month when it's all data from the new environment.


  1. I love the equisense for a lot of reasons but man is it hard to remember to take off the charger and put in my bag lol

    1. Five feet from my purse and it took me a month to remember to unplug it and move it! I'm not proud.