Wednesday, September 25, 2019

In a program

Theo's a handful.  I love him to death, he's my heart horse, but he is a damn handful.  I have a full time job that has four legs and an amazing tail.

Unfortunately I also have a full time job that pays for Theo.  And a husband.  And two adorable dogs.  And a life outside of the barn, including adulting that I don't like but still need to do. 

Peyton is assisting me with my laundry, or at least that's what she says

Hard to believe but it's true.  Holding down two full time jobs and having a life is freaking impossible.  Theo needs at least six days a week, an hour of work at a shot.  Any less than that and he starts getting ideas.  I'm calling in some help.

Enter Trainer D.  As the resident trainer, she's who I'm turning to for getting Theo more work.  He's not trustworthy right now so he's a pros only ride until he settles in.  I'm signing him up for a weekly training ride as well as my weekly lesson.  He doesn't really need to learn anything, he just needs positive, forward, confident rides from someone that won't react to him deciding to be a bit of a bronc at random.  She's also good at changes so she can play with those.

Two jumping rides a week will probably rock Theo's world.  His massage therapist noted that the change in work is causing changes in his body already.  His chest and shoulders are loosening up but his hammies are very tight right now.  The muscles used to jump are now sore while his front end appears to be getting a break.  So he's got an extra massage coming up and a chiro appointment to make sure he doesn't get anything out of whack while he adjusts to these changes.

I'm genuinely excited to be in a program.  This is what I'm used to, what I grew up with.  I'm used to my trainer managing a lot of the aspects of my training and making sure I don't do the dumb with my horse.  Two jumping rides a week?  Theo's going to be in good shape to do some jumping type shows this spring.  Trainer Z is happy with the improvement in the quality of his canter, Trainer D is happy with Theo's balance when turning or coming to a fence, it's working well for everyone.

Mostly it's working well for Theo.  He does love to jump those jumps.  The hubby is pretty okay with seeing more of me, too.

Out on the town and NOT in barn clothes

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  1. Finding a balalnce in life is damn hard, definitely hoping this program works out for you and theo!