Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I'm not proud of myself for this one, but I need some advice.

About a week ago, Theo and I had that tough jumping lesson where he decided he'd rather run through my left leg than turn to the next jump on a bending line.  Unfortunately, after a very difficult ride, he had a rub from my left spur.  I apologized, treated it, and carried on.  I was upset it happened, of course.  I never want to hurt Theo.  I wear the same spurs every ride and have seen no marks in over a year, so I sighed at the embarrassing one off and thought nothing more about it.  I rode in my dressage length stirrups for a week and the rub worked on healing.

Today was the first day I rode in my jump saddle since he got his rub.  It was a forty minute ride, nothing too exciting.  We were working on the stuff he'll need to do for his flat classes on Saturday and I worked on equitating in a shorter stirrup than I'm used to.  I had to get after him a bit to start when he decided it was too hot for work, but most of the ride was light and lovely.

Imagine my horror when I hopped off and saw that damn spur rub looking red and raw again.  HOW?  I don't leave spur marks on my horse!  It just doesn't happen!  I wasn't on my spur, he was going nice and straight for once, what the actual hell?  I was even focusing on keeping my heels down and my legs quiet!  I hurt my pony!

My best guess is that when I did get after him at the start of the ride, my spur was right over top of the healing rub and with him being such a sensitive princess, that was all it took.  This is the same horse that gets rubs from his fly mask, his halter, his blankets, most anything that touches him. It took several girths to stop the girth rubs.  It was probably that damn leg yield off of my left leg right at the start when he gave me the middle finger and I got after him.

Who could hurt a pony with a face like this?

I have a show in three days.  Commence the panic attack.

First thing I've done is toss my Prince of Wales spurs into the back of my locker and nab the shorter knob spurs that his leaser has been using while she learns to use spurs.  The lack of an edge should help keep the rub from opening up again if I touch it.  I'm also going to drop my stirrups a hole or two in my jump saddle so my leg is in a different place.  Normally I'd ban myself from spurs for a week but I can't show him without spurs and I have two, count them two, rated shows in the next seven days.  I cleaned the rub and hit it with some Alushield.

I'm not worried about my dressage show so much since I'm way off of the rub when in my dressage stirrups and with his dark coloring, the rub will disappear quickly.  But I somehow have to ride in my jump saddle for three days including a show without making that rub worse. 

What do I do?  I don't want to go to a show and have everyone think I abuse my horse!  I definitely don't want to get pulled for a wound on my horse!  I'D DIE!!!  I'm really embarrassed and freaked out by this whole situation.  It's the worst timing ever.


  1. Obviously not a solution that does much for you right now, but have you tried those rolly ball spurs? I think they're supposed to help with rubbing.

    I dunno. I got them because they look cool and I haven't had a problem with them.

    1. I had him in the rolly spurs before when he tried to kill me when I used anything else. I moved him to the PoW because I thought they were easier to be accurate with. I guess I need to find those rolly spurs because he's a delicate little flower. I think they're in the back of my locker. Somewhere.

      Anyone know if those are hunter legal? There's nothing in the rule book to help me.

  2. Tell the TD as soon as you arrive? Show them what happened. Tell what you have done to avoid making it worse, i.e change spurs, lengthen stirrups. Downside risk of bringing attention to something they might never have noticed. $0.02.