Monday, June 12, 2017

Blog Hop: June 10 Questions

This set of questions comes to us from Rocking E.

What is your earliest, clearest horse memory?
 Meeting Nails, the first horse I rode.  I remember patting his face and looking waaaay up at the saddle and wondering how I was going to get up there.   

Describe the perfect summer day. 
About 75 degrees, breezy enough to keep the horse flies away, rain within the last couple days so the footing is perfect, the Ritz is freshly mowed, and all of the cross country jumps are available.  Theo and I are in desperate need of a good gallop and that, right now, would be the perfect day.

Are you reading anything right now? Tell me about it!
I most recently read Janet Foy's Dressage for the Not So Perfect Horse.  It's wonderful for a horse like Theo that is far from perfect.  It's a bit like a cook book and definitely on the technical side.  I wouldn't recommend it for someone that's new to dressage, but if you're working on a movement or trying to move up a level, it's very useful for problem solving.  It does a good job of laying out requirements and fundamentals for the more advanced movements.  Janet is blunt and straightforward, I enjoy her style of conveying information.  I actually feel better that all of Theo's issues were right there in the lists.  He's not perfect, but he's clearly quite normal.  By the time I got to the Fourth level chapter?  I was lost.  You really need to know what the earlier movements feel like to understand the later chapters.  Part of why I wouldn't recommend it for someone that's new to dressage, but for someone like me that's developing collection and lateral movements?  Huge help.

Do you follow a celebrity (horsey or non) that you’re embarrassed to say fascinates you? Tell me. NOW.
I don't follow anyone, really.  

What is your single most biggest horsey dream or goal?
To go down centerline in a shadbelly.  If it ever happens, I'll probably be trying to enter in a collected canter while crying.

If you were at Starbucks right now, what would you order?
Large iced mocha something something.  I don't go to Starbucks enough to remember the menu but I usually end up with something huge, chocolatey, covered in whipped cream, and devastating to my blood sugar levels.

What is your biggest equine pet peeve?
People that are rough with horses and people that are arm chair experts.  The ones that can't do it themselves but clearly can advise me when things are going sideways.  I'm looking at you, rail birds at the hunter show when my horse pulled a gorgeous half pirouette and tried to run for his life.  You think you can fix it?  Come and get on.  I dare you.

Not to be trusted

With everything going on politically and in the media, tell me, do you follow it religiously? Tune it out? Or something in between?
I read the Washington Post once a day during the work week.  It's enough to keep me up to date, it's a source I can trust, and when I'm done I can put it away.  I have to keep a balance.  My town is rather . . . conservative, so I avoid political discussions like the plague.

If you had to show your horse to a song, what would you choose?
I plan to show my horse to Tango in Ebony from
Theo's theme song?  Immortals by Fall Out Boy


What are you most looking forward to this summer?
 Relaxing and enjoying the summer without any real pressure or crazy goals hanging over my head.  

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