Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hard habit to break

So I taught a couple lessons last Saturday.

I have a couple lessons scheduled for this Saturday.

I am completely fail at not teaching.  When Trainer A mentioned that she had an instructor leaving and lessons she couldn't cover, I said I'd chip in.  No big deal, right?  But that means I am once again teaching little ones to go up down up down on school ponies in order to lower my horse bills.

And heavens know Theo has horse bills.  I got him a lovely Baker rain sheet since our pleasure show this weekend was 100% chance of rain.  It arrived today.  Do you want to know what the forecast now says?  10% chance of rain.  I know it won't rain a bit because I have this lovely new rainsheet just waiting to come out and be used.  You're welcome, my fellow exhibitors.

I also got some new boots to stand in for my Treadsteps that blew a zipper.  I'll be getting them repaired because they fit better than anything I've ever worn, but the base model Ariats will get me through the show this weekend and serve as schooling boots.  It's a lot less work to put on tall boots compared to paddock boots and half chaps.

The cold weather is seeping in and I'm already eyeballing Irish knits and coolers that I just know I'll need for my hairy wildebeest.   I was at the barn until almost 8pm last night getting him cooled out after a serious one hour work out.  We did canter sets in the field on Monday and managed to squeak in what might be his last bath of the year.  I'm looking down the barrel of winter and remembering why I hate riding in below freezing temps.

As to the lessons, the kids I taught were cute and easy to deal with, so I'm excited to keep teaching them.  It frees up some cash to spoil mi papi and keeps me tuned up as a teacher.  It also helps out the barn, since they don't have to turn away students due to instructors being over booked.  It's kind of a win win scenario, except that I'm now teaching again despite all of my attempts not to work at the barn anymore.  Three hours a week barely counts, right?  Right?

Just lie to me and tell me it doesn't count.  It makes me feel better.


  1. Ohhh Baker rain sheet, yes please! I have a blanket problem.. lol

  2. lol so far i've managed to avoid actually teaching any lessons - when kids ask i just say i'll 'ride with them' haha. but hey, anything to offset the costs, right?

  3. Hahaha yeah I'm trying so hard to not be a barn worker. It's better for everyone.

  4. you need to find a way to support your habits and that seems like a good way to me. :)