Wednesday, October 21, 2015


It's funny how this happens.  I've been lollygagging most of this year, just getting back into the swing of things with horses and riding.  Then, all of a sudden, fall arrives and things get crazy.

October 25th is my schooling three phase and my first attempt at taking Theo cross country.  Yikes.

November 1st is a hunter pace with Theo and hopefully a chance to get us both used to cantering/galloping in the open.  Yikes.

November 6th - 8th is now a clinic with Mary Wanless to work on biomechanics.  It's a seriously fancy clinic at Cutler Farm.  Where Heather Blitz is based.  Double Yikes.

Oh, and my mother-in-law is visiting in the middle of that somewhere.  I don't know how much of me she'll actually see.

So I'm planning on eating a lot of ramen for awhile.  Multi-day clinics are not cheap business.  Especially with stabling and hotel fees.  On the plus side, Theo is fed and his stall is mucked for me while they feed me all of my meals.  It should be such a change from my small barn.  The most exciting bit is traveling with Dorkzilla and his owner!  They're going to the same clinic so we're going to buddy up.  Carpooling is definitely the way to go.

I'm super excited to spend three days focusing on being a dressage rider and hanging out with my dressage friend at a dressage barn.  I think that's the boost I'm going to need going into the winter.  Trainer A believes in No Stirrup November, but she also supports Dressage December, so that's something to look forward to.  I need to get my hands and body under control if we're going to get that shoulder in right straightened out!

By the time this little surge is over, I think Theo and I will be ready to head into winter hibernation.  We're already having to bust out the coolers for after our rides.  I have to clip him again today to manage the new level of fuzz growing in.  It's never fun to spend an hour getting your horse cool and dry after a ride.