Saturday, October 3, 2015


The weather has decided to go straight from summer to winter on us.  In the span of a week we've changed from sweat box humidity to cold and windy.  Change that sudden always has an effect on horses.  Everyone was cranky today and looking for a chance to act up.  Theo had a lesson with a beginner this morning and his school saddle was on Bob, so another saddle was used that he didn't like.  I spent my entire lesson trying to convince him to go forward and behave himself now that he was in his own saddle.  It was a good lesson in terms of teaching me more about how to turn properly, but not the lesson we had planned.  Trotting serpentines are a bit more remidial than the planned flying change work and leg yields.

After about 45 minutes of suppling work, we made progress and managed to avoid upsetting mi papi but that was all.  Trainer A sent us off to go on a trail ride.  Since Theo's gotten used to trail riding, it's actually become something that relaxes him.  We went for a nice trot down the old rail bed and even did a bit of canter.  By the time we got back, he was walking forward under his own motivation on a long contact and with floppy ears.  He can be so complicated sometimes.  But he's awfully cute.

I didn't get a chance to finish braiding him before my lessons started so I put his hood on and popped him in a stall.  The kids suddenly started laughing on our way back up to the barn after their lessons and I looked up to see Theo watching me and whickering.  The kids thought it was hilarious, especially with his colorful outfit.  Then he tried to take off some of the building's siding and was thrown out of the barn and back into his field.  He really isn't an indoor pony.

Tomorrow is the pleasure show.  After two hours of hunting, I've located my hunt coat.  That means I didn't do any of the other stuff I had planned and I'm in the very first class of the day.  It's going to be a very early morning.  No anxiety since it's a fun show, but it's still going to be a physically demanding day after today's lesson/show prep/teaching marathon.  Hopefully mi papi will be back to his usual sunshine self.  He did seem quite content at the end of our ride, but he's not exactly a friendly pony to other horses in the arena.  My goals are to stay on top, have fun, and not have to apologize for my rabid pony to anyone.


  1. Your goals sound good to me. I will send positive vibes that rabid pony behaves.