Friday, September 25, 2015

Universal truths

There are a couple of universal truths with horses.  No matter the discipline, breed, or goals, there are some things that are true for all horses and riders.  A horse will twist his shoe the night before a show.  Shows always run late.  It doesn't matter how much you sweep, there are more cobwebs somewhere.  There is always that one person in the barn.  A horse that never, ever kicks out or acts up will throw it's first temper tantrum when being shown for sale.

And if you clip a horse, half of the hair will end up in your $@#%^$%@#$!@ bra.

My boobs itch, even after a long, hot shower. 

Yes, that is probably TMI, but we're all horse people here.  Everyone knows what I'm talking about.  I'm sure male riders have similar issues with horse hair in their shorts. 

The end results are worth the anti-itch cream and fidgeting.  Mi papi will be a lot more comfortable.  We settled on a high trace since Theo is as much a princess about the cold as he is about bruised heels, the heat, flies, and everything else that annoys him.  He gave my monster body clippers the hairy eyeball for a few minutes, then got clipped just standing loose in the aisle.

And now all of my clothes are in the wash, trying to get that cut hair out of them.  One day I'd like to find a way to clip my horse without wanting to tear off all of my clothes and scratch myself right in the middle of the aisle.  Someone needs to hurry up and invent that.


  1. I totally get what you mean. I've wondered about buying one of those disposable jump suits.....

  2. Lol maybe try a tyvek suit or something? Might look moderately crazy - but that's always preferable to actually being driven crazy, right?!? Haha

  3. I do hat+rain coat zipped all the way up (no matter the temp)+rain pants that go over my boots. If you can get away with andis t-84 instead of big clippers (yay fine haired ottb!!) that helps too.

    But yeah. Then everything goes straight in the washer and I go in the shower.

    Oh and. When you work with insulation, you're supposed to wash with cold water because it doesn't open up your pores as much. Might be an idea to apply with hair?