Thursday, September 24, 2015


Between Abby the Abscess and my health, Theo's gotten way too much time off this summer.  Two weeks ago, I poisoned myself on some left over pizza and missed three days.  This week I caught a nasty bug that was going through my friends and went into self imposed quarantine for four days.  I finally got free today and got to bring my latest treasures out to Theo.

He is one very attractive pony.  The new bling browband is giving me some trouble sliding down his bridle, but it does have the perfect level of bling for him.  Some flash without being over the top.  And yes, I ride in white polos and a white saddle pad because I'm a dork like that.  I can't help it, he looks fabulous!

Dress him like a dressage horse, ride him like a dressage horse.  Today we worked on suppleness in both directions.  We did some leg yield zig zags, worked on his counter canter, and he even did some steps of half passe at the canter.  He wouldn't get off my right leg and for a second I forgot who I was on and shoved him over.  His little ears tipped back and he stepped over with that big question mark over his head.  What, this mom?  You better believe I gave him a break and a cookie for offering.  He even did it again for me.  Tense, but he offered the sideways movement with the true bend.  I think that's going to make a huge difference in straightening out his canter.  I need to get after myself about our shoulder in work.  I'm a slacker.

But he's not the only one with some new accessories.

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't get a name plate bracelet for just any horse.  Only Fiona and Allen have earned the privilege before and I keep both bracelets on my work desk.  I guess we're kind of serious about each other.  He saw me in the field and trotted right up to me.  Of course he was looking for me to get rid of the flies on his face since he managed to tear off his fly mask.  Again.  But I still think it counts.

Tomorrow is body clipping day for the water buffalo that I call mi papi.  Not my favorite day, but it's very necessary.  He was itchy, hot, and miserable today.  With a pleasure show coming up on October 4th, I better strip off all of this excess fuzz.  The way he's growing hair, no one will even see his fancy tack.  It will be buried in his coat.