Friday, September 11, 2015

Fashion Plate

Theo's spiffy new bridle arrived!

This is the Flying Change Revolution bridle from PS of Sweden.  A couple of my fellow bloggers got bridles from this company and loved them, so I decided to indulge and try it out for myself.

Keeping in mind I have used it for all of one day, I am a happy camper.  The leather is soft and the padding is great.  The noseband looked massive when it showed up, but it actually fit's mi papi's oversized head very nicely.  I think it adds a bit of style, especially with that wave shaped browband.  The straps all stay clear of his delicate cheekbones (he gets rubs if you look at him too hard) and the noseband tapers under his chin for a nice fit.  It's a pull through/crank type noseband, but I still use it very loose.  It's important that he can chew his treats when I hand them to him, you know.  It does have a flash attachment but, as you can see, it pops off without an obnoxious loop.  Score!

On the downside, the easy change browband is neat, but both me and Trainer A have managed to unsnap it by accident.  It was a pain in the butt to get it on when it first arrived because the optional throatlatch also goes in that loop and made things tight.  The leather is stretching which makes it easier now, but it is currently annoying.  Also, Theo has already eaten the keeper on the crank noseband that falls off.  Anyone that's used a crank knows the keeper I'm talking about.

It's attractive, it's great quality, and I'll probably use this company to get Theo an upgrade on his jumping bridle in the future.  I also have his first blingy browband ordered, so he can blind them with his jewelery even if he can't stun them with his brilliance.  It turned into a  bit of a spending spree today with new reins ordered, a new fly bonnet, a new pad for the show this weekend, and new gloves.  Oh, and sending my beautiful tall boots to the cobbler because I broke a zipper.  Looks like I'll be showing in half chaps this weekend.  Sob.

But who's going to be looking at my legs when my horse is so stylishly dressed?