Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pushing the envelope

Yet another day of soundness.  So much bliss.

Since it looks like we're actually going to the show next weekend, I did a run through of both of our tests today in my lesson.  I even got video of our run through Training 3.  Enjoy the banter at the beginning with me, Trainer A, and another student.

I'm surprised she let me keep my stirrups after heckling her like that.

But there's a lot to like here.  He was feeling very good.  The temps dropped, his foot didn't bother him, he got a day off, life was good for mi papi.  This resulted in some moments where the brake were pretty faulty.  Notice the lack of dressage whip?  I ditched it before the run through since he was rushing about. 

He looks happy and adorable, I'm not kicking, and we completed all of the movements.  That's a victory!  Our run through Training 2 actually looked better since it has less canter and less turns, so I'm hopeful for good scores next weekend.  We've got some work to do so I ride the horse and not the test, but that's always a struggle for me.  At least I was sitting up for most of the test.

After this run through, I took my little ball of tension and energy out for some cantering and jumping.  It worked great to break up his tension and reward his hard work.  I'm loving the fact that he's marching to the ring with his ears pricked and dragging me about.  He's starting to look like a show horse!