Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

I Googled for 2011 images, this is what I got.
That is a sexy car.

I rang in the New Year in the best way possible. I went for a long hack in the snow with Fiona and her warmblood boyfriend. I've never actually ridden in the snow before, so that was something new for us. We kept it to a walk, since we did encounter knee deep drifts, but it was fifty degrees out and the sun was shining. What a nice break from the usual New England ice box. The princess was excitable after being stuck in the indoor so much, but we're making progress with helping her through her meltdowns. Asking for a shoulder-fore is a solid answer to the start of jigging and head craning. It makes her focus back on what's going on, and it helps that her boyfriend is so laid back about things. The day was a fabulous start to the new year, and I'm taking it as a good sign for 2011.

Everyone is making resolutions, but I've never been a big one for that. I did, however, start looking through the Omnibus with last year's show calendar for my barn at my elbow. I want to do Beginner Novice this summer. I know the princess has it in her, 2'7" is not going to be an issue for her in terms of physical ability. The game will be more mental with her.

Last year I went to Mystic in Conneticut as my very first (and so far only) sanctioned event. I liked the event, it was a good first outing, and I have my eye on that as Fiona's debut. The Cross Country was over all inviting and I have some confidence from being there before. That's at the end of May, so five months away. I cantered some two foot fences on Friday, including a bending line and a roll back. Is five months going to be enough time to move up? I guess we'll see.

We're back to jumping and hacking in the hackamore for awhile, since Fiona responds well to that. She sucks behind bits when I half halt, she's willing to be kicked into a hackamore. If nothing else, it's a good solution for right now. Maybe when she's got the idea she'll move back to the snaffle for jumping as well as dressage.

To everyone out there in cyberland, have a joyous and prosperous 2011. As someone said on the COTH boards, I resolve to live my life the way it should be lived this year. And learn to sit the trot.

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