Friday, January 14, 2011

Cabin Fever

As just about anyone could expect, Fiona promptly bounced right back to her usual self. It does look like she has an issue with a certain TB gelding cantering at her, she shakes her head at him. Interesting, since she ignores most of the horses in the ring. I can work with that, it just means she has to be Working with a capital 'W' when other horses are passing her. As my trainer put it, we can put up with a lot of high maintenance horse stuff, but she's got to go Training level. I don't think the princess would mind the challenge.

I think we're all going a little stir crazy, being stuck in the indoor. I mean seriously, how many times can we go around in circles before sanity just checks out? And with the additional eighteen inches of snow we got, over ice from melting and refreeze, riding outside just isn't much of an option until camp. Pony and I are going to lose our minds!

Of course, along with stir crazy event horses come some really amazingly amusing side effects. For example, there is one horse in my barn that is simply the gassiest horse I've ever met. Canter transition, jumping, everything that might actually be work is punctuated by flatulence. That's amusing enough, since I can tell what he's working on by the frequency of his farting. But it gets better.

He spooks himself with his farts.

He farts when he spooks.

Anyone else putting this together? Yes, it is exactly that funny. He does a big canter depart and farts, which makes him bolt . . . and fart. And it gets better when there's another TB in the ring that spooks when the gassy horse spooks, and he farts when he spooks, so they were both farting and spooking around the ring. I do love the fact Fiona stood in the middle and just stared at the both of them like she couldn't believe it was happening.

Is it spring yet? Cabin fever at an eventing barn is just terrifying.

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