Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Riding a Freestyle: Part 1

There was some curiosity on how I'm getting my music together for next year's freestyle.  So I'm going to do some updates as I go with how it's happening.

First step was to submit my video of my First 3 test to musickur.com to get the tempos of Theo's gaits.  Here's what I got back:

walk - free walk is 53 and medium is pretty close to that.
trot - I see quite a bit of fluctuation in the trot from 74-78. I would be inclined to record at 76. You might get away with 75, but could only get away with 77 if you maintain the tempo in lateral work.
canter - Canter started a little slower, but stabilized at 99.

Okay, great, step one complete.  Step two is to pick out some pre-edited music, since I want to keep this as simple as possible for my first freestyle.

Theo's rhythms are on the fast side, so it cuts down on my selections.

This one is very close, but the trot only goes up to 75.  It will be a hair slow, and Theo's trot leans more toward 78 when he's powering along.  But I really like it and it suits him.

This one is also latin style, correct for his trot, and just a hair slow for the canter.

This one is too slow in the canter by a couple beats per minute, but I'm tempted to do it any way.  It's the Hunger Games!  Such epic entry music.

This one is only one beat too slow in the canter and would thrill my dad.  And I can't say that I dislike a bit of jazz, but it's kind of dull.   This one is the same, but with swing.  Both are rhythm appropriate, but don't really sell me as anything I'd be excited to use.

Phantom Menace is too fast in the trot and comes off frantic with him.  I was disappointed.

I'm currently thinking that I'll use either Tango in Ebony or Hunger Games.  Both appeal to me, sound good when I'm watching him go, and are very close to the rhythms he needs.  I wish I wasn't so picky on music.  I really can't get behind the instrumental version of a lot of popular music.

I'm open to suggestions on other pieces, I haven't listened to everything in his tempo range.  I've still got some time.


  1. This is the coolest! I didn't know that website existed. I like the Hunger Games music.

  2. This is so much more complicated than I ever imagined!