Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Theo's wardrobe is outrageous.  No, really, it is.  And it keeps getting worse.

On Sunday I went out to ride in the pouring rain.  Yay, indoor!  So I pulled my shaggy, damp pony in and got him dried off.  His winter coat came right back after Saugerties, so most of the water just rolled off of him.  I gave him a good towel, then threw his cooler on to wick the rest away.

It's hard to be a show horse

Once dry, he was tacked and his rain sheet went on for the walk down.

Can't go wrong with a classic

Hey look, new saddle pad and browband!

Yes, this is my super fancy show yak horse.  Envy me.

It's ridiculous.  He has four browbands, who knows how many saddle pads (I guess 10), four sets of polos, two sets of boots, a full wardrobe of turn out blankets (heavy, medium, light, and neck rugs), fly sheet and masks, plus his Baker collection (cooler, antisweat, rainsheet, turnout sheet) for when he's going out in public and his big square cooler for the dead of winter.

The loft of my garage is dedicated to Theo's off season wardrobe, since Trainer R isn't interested in hosting that level of stuff.  As the seasons change, Theo's clothes get moved between my garage and the barn. Nothing says pampered pony like a car that reeks of dirty turnout blankets.

And this weekend he needs to be clipped again.  He looks like a goat.  Why do I live in New Hampshire and own a horse?  It's hard to remember as I look down the gauntlet of the cold season.  I pulled my thermals out of storage since it got down to 34* last night.  I'll be needing them for the barn soon.  Why do I have a show this weekend?

The look of a horse that has just realized the dressage tack is on for the first time in two weeks.  Back to work, papi!


  1. I wish I had a garage for wardrobes! Right now everything is sitting in my house

    1. I tried that, the stairs to the loft are scary. Hubby threatened divorce.

  2. If it makes you feel better I have four blankets (that don't fit), two coolers, and I refuse to tally up (or put it all in the same place) the rest. I should mention that it got below freezing twice last year...

  3. He is definitely well looked after!! I also second, lucky to have garage room for your horsey gears.

  4. My horses have more clothes than I do! I don't even want to count it up

  5. Haha! I have a horse blanket addiction... tubs and tubs oops lol!!

  6. Dude if you can still count your polos, you're fine.