Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Blingy Browband Wars

Ladies and gentlemen, the blingy browband wars are over.  And I am the uncontested winner.

Because this?  Is too subtle.

This?  Is not enough.

If you want to win the blingy browband wars, you have to bring something new.  Something exciting.  Something that requires a battery pack.

Yes, that is an LED browband.  My hubby made it for me.  It is fantastic and blinding and the blingiest thing ever seen.  It has four modes and can have a lot more, the hubby did the programming.  It is a limitless palette of colors and brightness.



  1. Wow. Now you can ride at night and freak out the neighbours....

  2. *Bows down to the master*
    That is amazing!!!! Your poor poor trainer 😂😂😂

  3. lmao!! You win. You win it all. :)

  4. What. WHAT. When will you guys be selling these?!

  5. WOW it's so so so so blingy I love it

  6. Such stunning many bright. I LOVE IT