Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Times are a changin'

Blogging is useful for keeping track of how things have changed over time.  With mi papi's successful debut, I went back to see where we were a year ago.  I'm just a bit goal oriented and I like to know that we're making progress.

Lo and behold, this is where we were a year ago (followed by a bunch of posts with me spending copious amounts of money).
Today we had a bit of a tough lesson.  We went through the Intro C dressage test in the small dressage ring.  We would have been disqualified for leaving the ring, since he blew out through the left shoulder and zipped between the cones marking the ring edges.  It took several tries and some tough corrections to get the 20 meter canter circle to the right.
Man, I'd forgotten about that fiasco.  And this hot mess.

Oh dear.  At least his hocks are in the same area code as the rest of him now.

Somehow we've managed to go from not being able to complete an Intro C test to going around at First.  At the last show, someone cut me off and Theo did a 10m circle at the canter to dodge traffic.  On his right lead.  It's not something he's strong enough to do regularly, but it was cool to have that option when there was suddenly a horse on the rail practicing a rein back and another horse heading right at us.  Dressage rings are completely nuts.  People go sideways or backwards with very little warning.  I think brake lights and turn signals need to be added.

Now we're on vacation for two weeks.  No prep, no lessons, no pressure.  I'm already climbing the walls.  I'll bet $20 that I'll be back in lessons by next week.  I don't take time off very well.


  1. Time off is a struggle. I pretty much have to leave town for that to happen...

  2. Such a difference! It's definitely nice to be able to see an obvious improvement.