Friday, February 25, 2011

One step forward, two steps back

I did have a good lesson in dressage. We worked a lot on leg yields and the way that she'll get flustered and move very much sideways or straight ahead without a lot of diagonal in between. She seemed a bit fussy about things, but settled in. I figured it was the changing weather and the fact she had a day off.

However, after inspecting my saddle pads and my saddle, it looks like I have a new problem. My dressage saddle has started to bridge. That's not really something that is going to work out, so it looks like my Wintec is out the door. For now I'll just do everything in my close contact saddle. I have my eye on some other dressage saddles, including a treeless one that looks very interesting, but that will have to wait until we sort out whether or not I'm going to Aiken this year or not.

Tonight I got news that the lady I was shipping down to SC with hurt her knee while skiing and won't be able to make the trip. That leaves me in a bit of a jam with Fiona, since there's not really much point in me going down without her. I'm sure my trainer is looking around for another solution, but I really don't want to pay for a commercial transport and then drive down myself separately. Flying down would be even worse, since I would need to bum rides or rent a car to get to Aiken.

Right now the whole thing is looking pretty bleak. I definitely want to bump up the hunt for a truck and trailer now, but the husband is digging in his heels. He wants to wait until next year. I'll probably have to hold off on a lot of plans until next year.

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  1. You can always come home and see your Mommy (o:
    Of course there's no riding here and the excitement in Mankato is limited.