Saturday, February 19, 2011

Deep thoughts about dressage

I'm still working on a basic concept. Specifically that dressage is hard.

We need lift! We need loft! We need schwung! And I'm sorry, that last one just sounds dirty when yelled in a place with no context. Don't believe me? Announce that you need some serious schwung loudly at a family restaurant and see what happens. Piaffe is another one that's fun to say out of context.

We had some serious schwung going, so I whipped out my piaffe. She swore she'd never seen anything like it.

Dressage is definitely a thinking sport. And before anyone says that it's not a sport, you can talk to my abs. They are currently complaining about the amount of work needed to keep a still slightly out of balance 16.2h mare from falling on her face. Both of us were working very hard. I'll give her credit, she does try. I had a friend ride her yesterday and the consensus is that she tries really hard to get it right. She's not totally sure how to be right, but she's going to try anyway.

However, I suspect our submission scores will never be a bragging point. The princess will try very hard to work with you, but submit? Ha. If you get heavy handed or demanding, she will simply flip her nose up in the air to make your hands useless and do things however she wants. Which is usually fast and out of balance. It's a delicate balancing act, asking her to give as much as she can without ticking her off. We're still working on that, along with this training pyramid thing. If we can get past the first step (rhythm), I might throw a party.

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