Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Life with a troublemaker

Actual texts I have received about Theo:

Theo busted his gate again.  He's now in the Everglades.

Theo got his foot stuck into fence.  Got stuck, pulled off shoe, flipped himself over.  He was not to thrilled to see baby goats running around.

Theo was kind of an ass to start today.

So the alfalfa worked too good, I guess.  Everyone working on canter and Theo felt the need to ditch [rider] and turn into a stud.  Boot camp week this week?

So Theo was a pig today.

Well today's ride was different.  Your horse kills me.

I've had many people say they love him because he has so much character.  Right.  So much character that I had to lather his ears with pink Swat since he insists on playing fly mask tag with his neighbors and then losing.  I found a halter in his field that didn't belong to him.  Turns out he stole a halter off of a pony and then kept it as a souvenir.

Two weeks ago I was greeted with 'You won't believe what your little monster did today!'.  He'd busted loose, started a fight with two horses, and taken the working students for a run.

Last week I took him into the Ritz for a group lesson.  I received many compliments on my seat and my courage.  It's nice to get compliments, but I'd really rather not get them for my ability to sit the bronco impersonation.

Keeping sane in conference calls with some art to commemorate our lesson

He does like to keep things interesting.

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