Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Shopping spree help needed

As I got a promotion (and my annual bonus), I'm buying myself something nice.  Which means Theo is getting something nice.  I'm having some trouble deciding what I want so time to try crowdsourcing. What bridle should I get him?

Theo is still wearing that $90 bridle I got from Dover three years ago for his jumping bridle.  It's fine, but it's a little tight on him and I don't like anything tight around his ears.  I have kept it in rotation so I can have his eggbutt available for his other riders (don't want new hands using his 12mm Verbindend), but I think he's due to get an upgrade.  Probably another PS of Sweden.  I just can't make up my mind which one, the Nirak or the Jump Off or the High Jump.  We'll be doing some cross country and stadium this summer (schooling only) but no hunters, so no worries about it being less than traditional.  I want anatomical fit to keep things away from his cheek bones.

High Jump from PS of Sweden

Jump Off from PS of Sweden

Nirak from PS of Sweden

I keep the noseband loose on my bridles so treats can be delivered, so not sure if the combination noseband on the Nirak will work.    I suspect it would work fine as a regular bridle, I just wouldn't see any distribution of pressure over his nose from the bit.  I like the idea of having only one strap running down his face.  It looks so clean and neat.  But I have no idea how it would work on mi papi's face and with a loose noseband.  The High Jump is very adjustable.  The Jump Off looks very similar to a Micklem, no one would even give it a second look. 

I don't know what to pick!  Or are there other bridles I should look at?


  1. There's a new Collegiate Comfitec bridle that kind of looks like the High Jump, but a little finer looking. I've never seen it in person so I can't say anything about the quality or fit.

  2. I'm pretty much no help, because I've been going back and forth on these bridles (specifically high jump/jump off) for a while now. They're both so gorgeous I just can't decide! I'm sure whichever way you go, Theo will look awesome!

  3. I’m in love with the high jump and would buy that one if I had my pick!

  4. I don't like the PS of Sweden bridles and I think I'm probably the only person in blog land who doesn't lol. I have a Beval bridle I really love, I bought it used from someone on Chronicle of the Horse.

  5. I don't have experience with any of these, but based on looks alone I'd go with the Jump Off.

  6. Have you looked at Eponia Bridles too? I had a PS Sweden (2 in fact) and I ended up selling both of them after I got the Eponia (I think I got the Cookie Model but can't swear to it). It was cheaper than the PS and softer nicer leather. It had the monoflap crown etc too. Might be worth a look. I had the Olympic Revolution and Flying Change PS Swedens. One of them had a big wide noseband that looked like crap on my guy. I can't remember which one :) I do think the Jump Off is the nicest looking one of the three you have on your blog. Good luck :)