Thursday, April 6, 2017

His royal highness

Someone is spending the night in a stall.  And why would the infamous stall chewing rage monster be kept inside when he has his very own field and run in? 

We're under a flood watch as over an inch of rain falls on our leftover snow.  Even with the improved drainage around his run in, it's going under water tonight.  And if Theo doesn't get to lay down and sleep at least a couple of hours each night, he gets very ragey.  He doesn't like to sleep somewhere muddy.  So tonight, Trainer A is letting him wreck a stall so he can sleep somewhere nice and dry.

Yes, my horse is coming in because he's cranky if he doesn't get enough sleep and his run in isn't going to be to his liking.  He's such a spoiled brat.  I had to explain to someone that I need to monitor Theo's sleep to keep his raging tendencies in check and she looked at me like I'd lost my mind.  I sound like one of those owners.  I swear I'm not!  He just needs his specific blanket determined by temperature, wind, and precipitation, his very carefully calculated meals, and to come in if it's going to be too wet for him to get a good night's sleep.

I really am that owner.


  1. LOL. We are pretty much all that owner. We are getting torrential rain here too.

  2. My BM's horse is the same way. He hates being in a stall but he hates being cold and wet and standing in the mud. He lives in the indoor at night this time of the year like a spoiled princess.