Friday, April 14, 2017

A blogger call to arms

My fellow bloggers!  I have a request for you!

If you are going to Rolex (I know some of you ridiculously lucky people have tickets *cough*Aimee*cough*), go to the Cosequin booth.  One of my best friends in the world started at Nutramax this year as a product manager and she's going to be manning the booth.  Her name is Melissa.

Go drive her crazy.  Ask her about her gorgeous hunk of an Irish sport horse, Index.  They do dressage, though she's considering playing around with eventing again.  Get free Nutramax samples.  They have a probiotic product for high stress situations and she'll have tubes of it to give away!  Useful for horses that get diarrhea while traveling.  Also, free stuff.  Yay. 

So please, pass the word widely.  I want to make poor Melissa wonder why she's friends with me.  She'll be so confused when random people seem to know who she is and who her horse is.