Monday, November 28, 2016

Get in shape, girl

Yes, I'm dating myself.  Hopefully someone else is old enough to get that reference.

Back last winter, I committed to losing some weight.  And I managed it, which was awesome.  I felt better in the saddle (less jiggling) and felt like I could keep up with mi papi.  And my coats fit better in pictures.  Go me!  But as the winter comes crashing back in, I've lost some ground.  And I'm also discovering that the higher the level, the more cardio and endurance I need.  I did a five minute canter block in my lesson last week and was feeling the burn.  It wasn't muscle burn so much as just running out of steam from trying to keep papi picked up, balanced, and going forward.  Oxygen was in short supply.  I recently got a Fitbit that tracks my heart rate.  My resting heart rate is a little high for a woman my age.  That was enlightening in regards to my fitness levels.

That's what my lesson looked like (Fitbit always thinks I'm going for a run).  The actual lesson was more like 40 minutes of work, but this was the middle when we were doing long trot and canter sets and my Fitbit recorded it as a workout.  Cantering Theo around puts me in the cardio range for my heart rate.  Once Theo sheds out, I can do heart rate charts for both of us during the same ride!  The pads for his heart rate monitor can't pick up his pulse through that much hair.  But the take away is that my fitness needs work.  I can't be sitting in the cardio range just from cantering. 

I registered for a 5k on Super Bowl Sunday.

I'm going to use the Couch to 5K app to get myself in shape over the next 8 weeks so I can jog/shuffle three miles (this one in case anyone is curious, though the running from zombies app was tempting).  Outside.  In February.  I've had better ideas.  But our days are so short.  I need the motivation to go outside in the middle of the day and see the sun.  I can do a 30 min jog over lunch.  It's probably the best thing for shaking the seasonal funk that comes when the sun disappears.

Today starts week one.  I'll be doing 3 workouts a week, plus my 5 rides a week.  On the days I don't ride, I'll jog.  And one day a week, I'll have to do both.  Yikes.

For anyone noticing that I live in New Hampshire and it's pretty much winter now, I'm going to be using my base layers from riding at those ridiculous temperatures to allow me to jog in them.  Our dirt road is well plowed, so that will give me a spot to shuffle along.  Or I can go into town, but I'd rather not.  That would be an hour in the car to jog for 30 minutes.  And I'd be encouraged to stop at Dunks for a hot chocolate to celebrate.  I could really entertain everyone and jog from the barn.  Just when they thought they'd figured out how crazy I am.

It's pretty horse related, but I'm mostly posting this here for the accountability.  I've given myself December and January to prep for my very first 5k.  Feb 5 I will go run for no good reason other than a pint of beer waiting for me at the end.  Did I mention the race is sponsored by a local brewery that I love?  Now that's motivation.


  1. You can re-characterize your exercise to horseback riding in the fitbit app - since I both run and ride I always switch my rides to the correct category so I can look back.
    I just did my first 5k on Thanksgiving and it was a great experience. Mine only had a mug at the end, lol.

  2. I have a pint glass from a brewery 5k. It is my favorite one. Good luck!

  3. Fitness is definitely horse-related. She says, contemplating how much trouble she had lifting her arms after her last lesson ...

  4. Join our fitbit group!! We love to motivate each other to do more! (though some of us like me have been sick and sluggish of late!)