Saturday, August 22, 2015

Abscess Wars: Episode 2, Abby Strikes Back

Abby is back.

 After doing well at our two phase (finished on a dressage of 35), I got Theo a nice massage.  Since it was the first time she'd worked with him, the masseuse wanted to see him move.  On the lunge line, we both noticed he looked a bit off on the left front.  Not really lame, but a bit sore.  We got his massage done, which he really enjoyed, and he got that day off.  The next day, he was still just a hint off and I thought I saw him pointing in the aisle.  Hm.  When I picked him up he traveled well and the massage did really help the way he moved through his shoulders.

After my usual couple of days away while his other half leaser has him, I came back today for my Saturday lesson.  Nope, lame on the left front and pointing in the aisle.  DAMN IT.  He still wanted to get out and do something so we went for a nice walk in the woods. 

Fun fact, Theo is turning into quite the trail horse.  He goes out for nice walks and trots in the woods all by himself and it's a complete non-issue.  He's still unsteady on the road, just too much going on with signs and cars and all of that, but once in the woods, he's a total trooper that enjoys the change of pace.


I'm actually heading out on vacation tomorrow for my 15 year wedding anniversary and I'll be off the grid until Tuesday night.  It works out in a way, since that means Theo will get three days off and we can get the vet out to take another look.  This time will be more aggressive.  X-rays, antibiotics, whatever.  I don't want this to become a reoccuring thing.   Not when we're starting to really get somewhere.  With the location being the same and some swelling showing up in the same spot, I suspect the abscess didn't completely clear out last time and we're going for round two.  Theo is also a bit of a delicate flower for these things.  He had a cut on his leg today and his leg blew up like he's a TB.  Didn't much care for me cleaning it out, either. 

So, fingers, toes, eyes crossed that this time we can get the problem truly fixed.  Nuke it with antibiotics, lance it, change his shoeing, whatever, just be done with it.  I don't like seeing mi papi uncomfortable.  We've got work to do.  I'm supposed to be doing Training 2 and 3 on September 13.  I'm just hoping he'll be back to his happy self by then.

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  1. congrats on the two phase - love the pics!! enjoy your anniversary trip and hopefully when you get back you can get that darned Abby under control!