Friday, October 19, 2012


Fi and I are in the November issue of Dressage Today!  I submitted a picture for their monthly photo clinic and when I opened my issue today, I saw a very familiar picture.

It took me a couple tries to actually read what was written.  I was so nervous!  The feedback on Fiona was nothing but positive.  A happy, organized, well balanced horse and she had no criticism for her at this level.  Yay!

And then there's me.  Sigh.

Is it bad they can tell I'm holding my breath in a still photo?  The summary is that I need to breathe and sit down.  At least it wasn't a shock to me, as I've been working on that.  Hearing that I should shorten my stirrups was a surprise.  I always feel like I keep my legs too short, but then again, I look like I'm reaching for my stirrups.  Hm.

But either way, we're celebrities!  Of a sort.  And my mare looks fabulous, that's all that counts.