Sunday, January 1, 2012

Parting is such sweet, sweet sorrow

Is this how parents feel the first time their kid leaves for an overnight camp?

The princess and the baby boy, loaded up for their road trip.

I know this is good for her. I know she'll have fun. I know she's going to get fit and play in the sun. I know she's going to learn a lot and make new friends and that this is so much better for her than sitting around watching tv and eating potato chips all summer . . .

Okay, might be channeling the parent angle a bit too much there.

As much as I know that this is good for her, I still had the overwhelming urge to whip her off the trailer and hustle her back into her stall. Sure, it's nothing but ice on top of mud here, and the sun sets before I can show up most days, and her turn out is really limited, but it would be better if she stayed here where I can see her and know that she's getting the kinds of treats she likes and she can have her coffee the way she likes and we can go out for trail rides together on the weekends and she can terrorize everyone with her jumping in the indoor, right? Right?!

. . .

Fiona shipped off to Aiken today. Without me. It was incredibly difficult to stand in the driveway and watch the trailer drive off with my girl on board.

Mr. and Mrs. Trainer, probably checking to make sure I didn't try to smuggle myself away in the trailer.

All of her goodies have been packed, including every blanket she owns, both bridles, her jumping saddle, and the entire bit collection. My trainer has a new prospect that also has a tiny mouth, so I sent my collection for her to use with both of them, rather than both of us collecting pony sized bits that overlap.

Now? I'm bereft, relegated to the role of owner instead of rider. I've already sent in my first entry form with my trainer listed as the rider, and that was weird. Fiona will be doing four sanctioned events while she's in Aiken with my trainer in the saddle. I've never sent a horse out for training or had someone show a horse for me. so this is all new. Just when I was getting the hang of filling out entries for myself, now I have a new twist. Who knew eventing was so complicated?

The princess figured out she was going on a trip pretty darn quickly today. Does she look just a bit excited?

I'll be fretting and pacing until tomorrow afternoon when the kids are scheduled to arrive safely in Aiken at my trainer's farm. My husband has already resigned himself to having my phone right next to the bed just in case I get an update. Yes, I know I'm a control freak, and I'm okay with that.

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  1. Um... your worries are the same as mine... I've never been able to let her go. Good luck for her!