Friday, April 29, 2011


It's day two of the dressage at the Rolex Three Day. Thanks to the USEF's live streaming coverage, I've been able to watch most of the dressage as it happens. I missed some of the morning rides this morning while I was out riding my own horse in her lesson (such a good girl), but I've seen the majority.

My thoughts.

1. Holy mackerel are there some nice horses out there. Several of those horses I just want to feed carrots to and convince them to follow me home. Little Shiraz reminded me so much of Fiona that it was instant love. Of course Arthur was gorgeous in the dressage, but I would rather take Manny home. Just something about him made me think that was a nose I would like to see and kiss every day.

2. Mary King may not have the big wins that her compatriots have, but she deserves every bit as much attention. King's Temptress was elegant and athletic through her test and I was very impressed with her homebred mare. I'm really looking forward to seeing them cross country, since Mary's horses always seem to shine in that phase. It's easy to cheer for Mary, since she's so classy.

3. Phillip Dutton's horse stopped to scratch his nose, another horse whinnied during their test, and I saw some flying changes that were very, very 'expressive'. Horses broke gaits and Boyd Martin had an error on his test. It gives me some hope that even the very best in the world have their oopsie moments.

4. Somebody is riding in their very first Rolex at the age of 50 on their own horse. Dreams really can come true.

I'll have to watch the cross-country as a replay since I'm out for an all day hike tomorrow. I have to get fit for a hiking trip in June, so I'm on a conditioning schedule. Sunday is a spa day for Fiona. She's started rubbing her tail recently so I'm going to take that as an excuse to make her shine from top to bottom. We've got two weeks until her next outing, so I can start working ahead to make her look the part of a show horse. After watching the 4* horses, I'm inspired to turn her out to within an inch of her life. I may even learn how to do quarter marks . . .

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