Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hours in the day

Basically? There are not enough of them. I could do with about four more hours in the day. Half I'd add to the sleep schedule, and the other half would take the pressure off so it would not be so hard to get to the barn, take care of my career, and just once in a while see the dear husband. He does like to see me on occasion, funny how that works.

It's time for yet another schooling show, so time is tight while I figure out just when I'm going to get to pull the princess's mane (again) and trim up her little fetlocks and give her a bath and scrub my tack.
For a thoroughbred, she sure grows a lot of hair. I can handle the fact that she has one little vice, and that vice is hating to have her mane pulled. She steps just out of reach while I'm balanced on a water bucket or steps into me enough to make me lose my balance. She's turned and given me a shove with her nose before, too. Anything she can do to keep me from pulling on her hair. I usually have to assign someone else to hold her head while I work. She grows mane like a darn Shetland pony, so skipping the pulling really isn't an option if I want to braid. Which I always do.

On the plus side her tail is just gorgeous. There's been some debate on how to style it. I saw several braided tails at Rolex (I guess it's an Aussie thing?) and now I want to grow her tail back out and change to braiding it. She's rubbing it and I'm thinking that clipping the sides is not going to help if she's already itchy. Growing it out again will be a pain, but shouldn't take that long. We'll see if I can hold out through that part. The h/j princess in me would love to grow it out completely again and braid for fancy events, but if it's time for a trial and her tails looks like a toilet brush? I'll probably give in and trim it again. I'm so weak.

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