Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes it's the little successes

Today we had a breakthrough. Sure, it was a mini-breakthrough, but it was still an important one. Fiona went for a walk all by her lonesome and didn't melt down. We just went to the end of the very long drive way, but we did it on the buckle both leaving and coming back. Seems pretty simple, right? And you'd be right, but it opens one very important door.

Conditioning rides.

Yes, I am still fixated on the idea that the princess could handle a Limited Distance ride. 30 miles isn't a world shattering distance. I think she'd have a blast, since it means getting outside of the ring and just going for hours on end. Even if we don't do that, I want my horse to be properly fit for her job. My work on her fitness has been pretty haphazard, and I intend to fix that. I have the start of a conditioning plan courtesy of this site and a map of the local trails.

We are going to get so lost. Even on hunter paces I'm not supposed to be in the front because I can't seem to figure out where we're going. I'll have to borrow my husband's GPS unit that he uses for geocaching so I can find my way home. It's good practice, since we're planning on going hiking on the Appalachian Trail in June. I'm going to see so much of the great outdoors this year. I'm getting pretty darn excited about it.

Tomorrow is the first day at the summer barn. It really is time to get out the fly spray and hit the trails.

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