Thursday, August 4, 2016

Weird pony

There's a point where I just have to accept that my horse is weird.

I discovered Theo's new favorite thing ever yesterday.

Yes, I am using his tail brush on his ears.  The inside of his ears.  I've been using that brush along his crest and withers, but while brushing out his forelock I went to brush out the owl tufts in his ears as a joke.  Mi papi was in heaven, leaning into it and head around his ankles.  He loves having his forelock brushed out and now I have to add brushing out his owl tufts.  He'll be so happy this weekend when I have to clip those ears to get him back into show form.  He loves anything that involves touching his ears.

This is the same horse that falls asleep with a happy sigh when I start working on his tail and makes groans that are almost obscene when the massage therapist is out.  Maybe he really was always meant to be a show horse.  He certainly enjoys the primping and grooming enough.

Appointment made with my favorite farrier for next week and I get to keep him this time!  Woohoo, new very expensive shoes!  Woo . . . hoo . . .

Ramen for dinner it is.

1 comment:

  1. My mare likes to lick grooming tools, especially jelly scrubbers and curry combs, there is no accounting for taste!