Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Little things

It's the little things that make me happy.

Like this picture.

This is mi papi's standard schooling turn out now.  We've been wearing this general set up all summer.  I love my PS of Sweden bridle and ear net (and boots, though you can't see them), but nothing holds up through the many washes of summer like Dover's basic saddle pad.  $30 bucks and I can throw it in the dryer without a problem?  I'll take 10, thanks.  And they have so many colors now.  I need to buy more.  I love my fancy pads with braiding but when he's sweating through his pad on pretty much every ride, I need something I can wash with no concern or special care.

But he looks very slick and professional and that makes me happy.  The soft purple is very flattering on him.  I really should have his black ear net on.  Hm.  I'm also happy I remembered to take a picture at all.  I'm terrible about remembering that there's this camera in my back pocket and mi papi's adorable should be shared.

Do I see his winter coat coming in already?  I better not.

Theo's also about the little things, like his brand new hunk of Himalayan salt.

Can you hear him trying to break it?  There's a reason he gets this stuff and not a regular salt lick.  This was about 30 seconds after I hung it up.  Clearly someone was excited.  I got this at Tractor Supply as a knock off brand for cheap ($5 I think).  I also found a new brand of those molasses heavy, cupcake shaped treats with a piece of candy in the middle for cheap.  $8 for a 2lb bag?  Yes, I will be spoiling my pony today.  Not quite as good as the German crack cookies in the gold bag, but he was certainly letting me know he wanted another one.

And my last little thing?  Successfully convincing Theo for just a couple minutes that horses can trot UP as well as forward.  I heard this rumor that horses can take their weight back on their haunches, lighten their front end, and trot around like that.  Theo told me that rumor was spread by communists set on destroying our nation and way of life and that is was my civic duty to ignore them.

He's a patriot.

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