Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Spring Show Pic Spam

 So civil, so well behaved

Might be fighting a bit to hang on to the circle on this one, but hey, he's bent the right way

 Theo meets his nemesis, the judge's booth

So pretty, so well behaved, and my elbows are in!

Walking out of the ring like a civilized horse and getting all of the love for his bravery

My copilot helping me braid up mi papi

I hate pictures of myself, but hey, it's not a bad one

This is going in the 'no, you are not getting me off today, get your giant behind over to F right now before I sell you for a plug nickel' file.  Yes, this is from our infamous first test.  It's the only one the photographer was willing to share.  I guess their are other ones that are worse.

1 comment:

  1. The caption on the last picture made me start laughing in the middle of the grocery store. You guys are looking good.