Saturday, May 7, 2016


After a quick camping trip for my birthday and a week of work that made me want to scream incoherently, I've suddenly realized I have less than a week before I have to go play with the big kids. 

On the positive side, I got my new throat latch so I can use my own bridle at the show.  I also got a browband, since the shipping was the same either way.  Got bling?  Because I sure do.

For anyone that was curious, this browband doesn't slip at all and the loops are the right size.  It must have been just the one browband with the slipping problem.  It got me a lot of double takes in my lesson today since it's a LOT of browband, but I love it.  The colors are amazing on Theo.  Just not sure if I will have the guts to wear quite that much bling in the ring.

Packing is in full swing as I pull out all of my away show gear from the loft in my garage.  We've got our ride times and they're wonderful.  11am and 2pm?  Yes, please!  We're heading out early on Friday to avoid crazy traffic around Boston and to give us time to settle in and hack the kids.  It's a half day for the teens so that won't be a problem for them. 

Tomorrow I get to pull Theo's mane yet again.  So much hair, it's ridiculous.  I'm also supposed to be practicing doing different dressage tests so I can remember to do things like reset my position and breathe at certain letters.  My anxiety can't be trained out, but we can train me to reset at certain letters.  We tried that today and it did make a difference in my hands when I reset them at four points around the ring.  It's worth a try, anyway.  I really have to conquer the alien that takes over at shows.

Maybe I will use the new browband.  It really is fantastic . . .