Friday, May 29, 2015


Sometimes, things happen for a reason.  Sometimes you come around a corner and opportunity just drop kicks you in the face.  I had one of those moments.  A glittering, glorious moment when everything aligns perfectly and my chance dropped neatly into my lap.

I got new tall boots.  Size 6.5, wide calf.  They were sitting at the consignment shop when I dropped by on a whim.  I didn't even really have a reason to stop by, but it was a nice day and I had an urge to go shop.  The fates were on my side.  Beautiful Treadstep boots with the sturdy zipper and elastic gussets and the stamped toe and everything.  A freaking 6.5 with a wide calf.  I put them on and they were just glued to my leg, such a neat, snug ankle.  I didn't want to take them off for fear they'd disappear, I made them hide my new treasure behind the counter while I picked up some liniment and a new tub of treats.

With breeches on they're a bit tough to zip, but frick me do they look fabulous once they're zipped.  I rode in them this weekend and felt like a super star.  Spanish tops are great for making me look a bit less like a pony clubber when riding big horses.  I'll keep riding in them to stretch them a bit and they'll fit me like custom made.  All that for a grand total of $100.

I'll admit to petting them and muttering 'my precious' at the store.

My gear is starting to come together for my big Papi.  New used Thinline pad to protect him while I practice sitting is the latest addition, should help his back.  A new jumping saddle is on the way so I have a prayer of keeping with him when he makes the big move over a fence.  It turns out Fi's leather jumping boots fit him, so he's looking very stylish.  I'll have to go shopping for a new hunt coat if I'm going to be doing pleasure shows, I look kind of silly in my black dressage coat with four brass buttons.

This is what I do while stuck on conference calls at work.  Most work notes have doodles all around the outside.

I'm such a snob about turnout.  It's ridiculous.

As for Papi, we had a very, very good ride today.  You know it's a good ride when you're smiling while trying to not pass out in the saddle.  It was a hard core dressage ride with Trainer A, getting my hands up where they belong (I felt like I was grabbing my boobs) and getting Papi's butt engaged.  At one point our trot had suspension.  Seriously, suspension!  It lasted about one long side of the ring, but it says a lot for his potential.  It also says a lot for the fact he's learning to handle pressure from the rider.

My shoulders are shaking and my abs hurt, he weighs about ten pounds in each hand right now and surges up to twenty when he loses his balance.  I know he'll get lighter as we go, but right now, he's a heavy, heavy beast.  The flashes of brilliance are starting to show, though.  Trainer A used the 't' word today.  She has a goal for the great lumox.


Brb, getting a bottle of rum.  Actually two.  I think we're both going to need it.

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