Friday, March 8, 2013


I'll admit it, I've been avoiding the barn.  It's hard to ride right now since I'm still an emotional wreck.  I went a week and a half without riding.  Fortunately Fi did get some work, but she ended up getting a week off.  A week off, off of her Regumate, and a winter storm?  Sounds like a perfect time to go for a ride.  If you're crazy.

We all know I'm crazy.  I was out running errands and decided that it was past time for me to go make nice with the princess.  I wasn't even dressed properly.  I had my paddock boots, but no chaps and just my hoodie sweatshirt.  It really was a spontaneous decision and not a recipe for success.

You've got to love any TB mare that can handle a week off with no drama.  Her moment of being bad?  She shook her head for two canter departs.  That bad, bad, wild mare.

Me and Fi after our time off.  We need to clean that mirror.

But the lull is over.  Fi has a session with the dressage specialist on Monday, so she'll be working all weekend to make sure she's ready.  I'm also going to target next weekend for Fi's photo and video shoot.  I've got to quit procrastinating and get a move on finding her the perfect dressage partner.  That means she needs to be cleaned up and tuned up so we can get a decent video of her doing First Level.  My only video of her competing at First Level is of us in the pouring rain, in a grass ring with crappy footing, and I had an error of course.  Not good.

Cleaning her up is going to be a bit of a challenge.  The shedding.  Oh, the shedding.  I had an ankle deep pile of hair when I was done currying today and Fi was convinced that I stopped far too soon.  I'm glad I clipped her so aggressively in the fall, I can't imagine what she'd be like right now if she had a full coat to shed out.  I think I'd choke and die.  The reward is watching Fiona do her impression of a cat, wiggling and leaning into me while I use the metal curry.  I may have to bust out the clippers this weekend.  She looks like a damn yak and her mane is only half pulled.  It's finally warm enough that I can seriously consider spending a couple hours without gloves on.

I'd say trail ride season was here, but we just got another foot of snow.  Okay, Mother Nature, we're good now.  Drought is busted.  Knock it off!

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  1. Spontaneous rides are always fun :) glad she was good! Can't wait to see what she looks like after her makeover :)