Sunday, August 26, 2012

State of the Princess Address

Quarantine does not suit Fiona.

Fortunately, as you can see in the picture, the princess is feeling better.  Her fever has stayed gone and she is eating everything in sight.  The vet gave her some more fluids today and got her started on doxy.  Though the tests haven't come back yet, it looks like Ehrlicha and we've started treating her with that assumption.  Fortunately she got that aggressive treatment that's recommended for the first 24 hours and she's already starting to bounce back.

Today her legs were cold hosed, she was hand walked, and she had her legs wrapped to help with the edema.  She was perky and ready to head out for her walk which was a nice change.   Judging by the condition of her stall, dehydration is no longer an issue.  Lots of wet spots to remove.  She also drained a bucket of water while I was in there.  The vets are happy with her progress and with any luck she'll be back at 100% in a week.

Keeping a horse, particularly a show horse, is not a one person activity and I have to thank my support team for how this turned out.  Within two hours of her fever starting, she had a vet at her side.  I know it was the quick, knowledgeable treatment and all of the people helping that made her recovery possible, and I'm eternally grateful.

I'm sure Fiona would be grateful if she wasn't protesting her quarantine and the fact she had to take her banamine today.  Hopefully the tests will be back soon and she can come off quarantine.  And her doxy is peppermint flavored, which she approves of and it has mollified her. For now.

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