Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mother Nature, we need to have a talk

Don't get me wrong, I know we need the rain, but why does it have to fall in that one, critical, limited block of time when I can get to the barn?  Monday was a wash due to a mad scramble to get a presentation out and then Tuesday had a line of thunderstorms go through right at the time when I'm free of work but the sun hasn't set yet.

Today I'm in the office, so no pony for me.  That means tomorrow is the next day at the barn.  Fortunately her junior rider has been taking her out for gallops and adventures with the cows so she's not rusting up in her stall.  I hate it when I have weeks like this.  Mother Nature and my boss are conspiring against me to keep me away from the barn.

But I got my new photo of Fiona jumping with her knees to her nostrils, so at least it's a good morning.

Me and the Princess at UNH Summer 2012 in Novice

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Mother Nature decides to cooperate between now and Sunday.  Fi and I have a date with some bending lines that we need to get polished up before we head out into public again.  Judges like accuracy in their tests, or so I've heard.  This means that I'll probably be spending a couple hours on Thursday or Friday clearing jumps out of the ring and figuring out a rough approximation of a large arena.

I need to cancel my gym membership.  I get a better work out just hanging out at the barn.

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