Sunday, November 6, 2011

So very busy

The Northeast finally put things back together and life got back to usual. Mostly. The barn got power on Friday morning (to wild rejoicing) after almost a week out. Some neighborhoods went a full week without power. That sounds like a ridiculously long time until you take a look at the damage.

It wasn't just a limb here and a limb there. It was entire trees down with streets impassable in Hollis. I heard that there were just as many power lines as trees down. The fact that everyone is back up in a week is kind of impressive, when you put it in perspective.

The trails have been a mess with all of the branches and trees down, so I was a bit concerned about our hunter pace. I didn't need to be, and the hunter pace went on exactly as scheduled. There were some fabulous costumes!

The Teletubbies. They had all four, but I couldn't get a shot with all of them.

There were about eight of these mermaids, the costumes were amazing.

Keeping in mind the flooding and chaos we've had all fall, the course was different than past years. There were a few less jumps and a few more road crossings. However, it was an awesome ride, as always, with perfect weather and a beautiful course. The princess went out with Dorkzilla in the three foot division and they didn't miss a single jump. She jumped everything in her path without batting an eyelash, including substantial coops that are out for the Myopia Hunt. It's always fun to take Fiona out to gallop and jump, and getting to skip dressage? That's just about as awesome as things come, so far as the princess is concerned. We tore around for about six or seven miles. When we got to the finish, she tossed her head up and wanted to go again. Might be a bit over conditioned . . .

Next weekend is the big move to the winter barn. Off to the indoor and being able to ride after sunset again. Part of me is looking forward to it, but more of me is bummed that the winter season is upon us. Time for a bit of hibernation.

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