Thursday, October 20, 2011

What is that thing in the sky?

There is a large, bright, alien object floating around in the sky. It's making everything so easy to see, and it's warm, and I don't understand. Is it an alien invasion? Is it the apocalypse?

Wait . . . nope. That's just the sun. Been awhile since I've seen that.

Just when I was considering adding floats to my little Yaris and investing in a pair of oars, the rain has finally stopped. I am incredibly grateful for this, since we discovered during my trip to Maine that I'm not good with watercraft. It's a bad sign when you're out with a kayak for the first time and your husband has to tow you back because you just can't seem to get the damn thing to turn.

Fortunately it's off season for tourists in Maine, so there were no witnesses and no one has photographic evidence of my complete inability to handle a kayak. Thank goodness for the hubby planning ahead for his wife panicking, hanging on to the sides of the kayak, and refusing to move because she's absolutely positive the thing is going to roll. I got my revenge, though. Turns out I'm pretty darn good at starting fires, even out performing the former Eagle Scout. If my career as an analyst and lackluster eventer fails, I can always take up arson.

As for the princess, lots of pouring rain means lots of time off. And lots of time off in fall equals some charming shows of athleticism. It's been awhile since people had to clear the ring for our canter work. Ah, memories. A friend rode her in a jumping lesson while I was in Maine. I got the message that she had jumped Fiona, and that she was a very good girl! It took some work to figure out the timing, and getting her set up for the next fence was always interesting . . .

I'm so lucky to have friends that use the word 'interesting' rather than 'scary', 'alarming', or 'holy hell, where are the brakes on that thing?'. I know what my mare is like in fall, and I can only imagine what an 'interesting' ride she must have been. Tomorrow is the elegant Ladies' Ride on the Myopia Hunt grounds. I'm not betting on Fiona making a stunning impression.

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