Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall is in the air

With the end of the competition season comes the off-season. All sports have an off season, a time of year for athletes to take a breather and give their bodies a break. For those of us eventing in New England, our off-season runs from about mid-October to January. It runs later for those that don't head south in the winter, out to about March.

So what do you do with the off-season? In theory, you get ready for the on-season, but that doesn't really seem to work out. There are no pressing goals, no looming competitions, no reasons to go out on conditioning sets or practice that stupid trot lengthening we'll need when we go Training. The weather is beautiful, the sun is actually out, and I have a serious case of 'off-season-itis'. Dressage? Nah, I'd rather not. Jump schooling? Do I have to? My interests seem to be entirely focused on trail rides and hunter paces right now. Our hectic schedule of the past six months has suddenly dropped off to nothing.

After the UNH trials, Fiona got most of a week off while I simply got caught up from spending five days completely focused on my horse life. Now I'm easing myself back into the swing of things, heading out to the barn to ride and enjoy time with my horse. I just don't have it in me to do a lot of drilling. We'll have plenty of time for that once the weather drives us indoors. I've been invited out for a fun day with the cowboys, so that should be great, and there's a big ladies' ride that I'm heading off to in another week. Toss in a couple hunter paces and I'm all set for the fall.

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  1. Just discovered this blog (via a link on a COTH post, I think?) and wanted to say hi. Hi! I'm a fellow Area 1 eventer and enjoying the read -- a whole lot of stuff (in this post and in general) that sounds awfully familiar!