Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

Yesterday I had the princess out for a cross country school. We were doing just about everything you would see on a Beginner Novice course (good thing, since we're going BN on July 10 at our first recognized event). Ditches, up banks, down banks, water. She flew around like this was what she was born to do. We did have two stops, one for a bright red coop that she did not like at all, and the other for a spooky house that I did not ride well. Both times she circled right around and went after them without a question, so I consider that a victory. She just needs more miles. The place we took her to school has a lot more color and variety to their cross country fences than she's seen before, and we were asking her to do some bigger hills and questions, so she definitely proved herself to be an honest and brave young lady.

Exactly ten months before that cross country school, I unloaded a mare with terrible feet and no muscle from a trailer and tucked her into a stall. Even four months ago we couldn't get around a stadium course without scaring people, and had to trot all of our fences. Now? Totally different pony.



She has the best expression in that picture. Someone seems to be enjoying their job. My hands are getting better, but they're still drifting up a bit.

I'm going to go through major withdrawal this week, since I'm going out on my hiking trip so I won't see her. One of the girls at the barn is going to help keep her in work so she doesn't get bored. I'll have to buy the princess a new Likkit to make it up to her. She loves that thing.

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  1. You guys have come so far! I didn't know you'd only had her a short time. She looks great and I'm glad you're happy together.

    Is there a post somewhere about getting her? I love those...