Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another day, another horse show

Some of my friends are starting to think that horse shows are just an every day occurrence for me. Every time they turn around, I'm washing saddle pads, clipping, bathing, scrubbing tack, and in general putting hours worth of work into a five minute presentation in the ring. Ten, if there's two phases, 15 if there's three. Of course, the amount of prep work is directly related to the number of phases. An actual horse trial? Probably eight hours or more for those 15 minutes of glory.

Well, hopefully glory.

Trying to explain why I spend this much time and money for a ribbon I could just order online baffles most of those friends and I've given up trying to explain it. You either get it, or you don't. Those that get it are with me at the barn prepping, those that don't have hobbies that are not so completely and utterly soul devouring. I could always take up stamp collecting. Certainly wouldn't have people holding their breath the way they do when I'm on course.

Our show wasn't our best performance. We've focused so much on fixing the stadium that the dressage slipped. We were rushed, and the princess pulled some stunts I've never seen before. She spooked on the way into the ring for out second test, I'm surprised the video didn't catch my laughter. I was extremely amused, but the scores just weren't good. Our stadium was much, much more rideable than she's ever been before. We had two rails, but that's pilot error. I'm burying her too close to the fences. I've been too occupied with avoiding flyers when she charges, I need to ease off and let her take a longer spot. Overall, proud of my girl as always.

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